Sunday, 24 May 2009

Writing Progress Report and Plans

I've now written over 3,000 words towards "The Opening" and I don't think I'm quite halfway through it. I guess that means it's another Novelette. I'm sure I'll write even more this evening so I've decided to try and reach 5,000 words by the end of tomorrow. That would make my target of finishing the first draft by the end of the week very achievable.

But you know how I mentioned that my outlines are loose enough that my characters can still surprise me? Well it happened again this afternoon. I was writing a scene with the secondary POV character and he reacted in a way I didn't expect, but which fitted his character far better than what I had intended. It doesn't actually change the plot (except I may have to add another scene) but it does change his part in the plot, makes him a deeper character, and - I think - makes things more interesting.

Speaking of Outlining - I haven't actually started on any of the outlines I'm planning yet, but I am intending to use the Outline Your Novel In Thirty Minutes method to start the Outline of "The King's Head" either tonight or tomorrow. And I found some nifty assorted colour notecards while I was in town yesterday that will allow me to assign each POV character a colour when Notecarding.

If I can keep to my goals I should be able to get quite a bit more done before I go back to work on Tuesday.