Thursday, 21 May 2009

Fitting in time to write

As I noted in my first post I have no intention of blogging about everyday life except in reguards to how it effects my writing. This post is about just that subject.

Modern life is hectic. I'm single but I still seem to spend half the time chasing my own tail. I work - as my profile says - full time in an office job, I grow my own veg (or try to), I have a dog who needs feeding and walking and similar, I have friends both online and in the analogue world (I will not call it real since the net is real too) and sometimes in the midst of this I have to sleep. There's always 'stuff' demanding attention, so when do I find the time to write?

The answer is deceptively simple. During the week I write in five or ten minute spurts when I have a moment. I don't drive, so I write on the bus to and from work. I write in the canteen at work on breaks and lunch. I even scrawl down some words between bath and bed.

Then of course there are weekends and the day off. There's still stuff demanding my attention on non-work days, but nothing that drags me out of the house for 12 hours (that includes travel time I work a ten hour day) so I'm able to fit in more writing if I put my mind to it. Writing is something I do because I enjoy it, so I can usually find time to do some at least. It's payday tomorrow and I need to go to town on Saturday to do the shop, so I may detour to Costa with my trusty pad and pen and write while munching and slurping. I can't do it often - more's the pity - but I find a change of scenery does wonders for my creativity. The three day weekend approaches and I want to be well on the way to finishing the first draft of the "The Opening" by the time I go back to work on Tuesday morning.

Where do I stand with it now? Well as of getting home today I'd written just over 900 words and I intend to make it to over 1,000 words of story written before bed.

The moral of this story - if you can't set aside a block of time to write carry a pad and pen and write when you can.