Sunday, 26 July 2009

The problem with titles.

I've written the detailed synopsis of the first chapter of the project I've been outlining for the past few weeks. So I'm making good progress.

There's just one thing bothering me about it.

It doesn't have a title. I'm not very good at thinking up titles. Oh, occassionally, a project will come to me with a title already attached. And sometimes a title appears and inspires a project. But it's far more normal for my projects to either have really bad working titles or more of a generic label than title attached to them.

But I have to bite the bullet sometime, and I'd kind of like to have a title for this one by the time I put the detailed synopsis on the shelf to rest. So I'm asking for help.

How do you come up with your titles. I'm sure there's no magic trick to it, but I'm hoping that hearing how other people find their titles will help me find a way that works for me.


Carradee said...

It really depends on the work. I think of words or phrases that describe the story content or tone, but what I do with those depends on the story.

For example, my novel that's in revision is simply called "Evonalé" (the narrator's name). That was my working title, and all the people who've read it pummel me if I even suggest the possibility of changing it.

Character names, situations, themes--all those can produce a title. I have some works in one "world" where I currently make the titles by melding two words together. (Not yet published, so I'll see if anyone else likes that idea.)

Sometimes I'll be struck by what seems a good title, but that's usually after I've been sitting around brainstorming.

What kinds of titles catch your attention? What kinds do other books in your genre have?

Unknown said...

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