Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Writing Book Review - Teach Yourself Writing a Novel

This is my review of the second of the two Teach Yourself books I own on the subject of writing. "Teach Yourself Writing a Novel" by Nigel Watts. You can find my review of the other one "Teach Yourself How to Write a Blockbuster" here.

And I have to say that this is the weaker of the two. It covers much of the same ground as "How to Write a Blockbuster", and the advice is theoretically just as strong. Indeed it's much the same (not a surprise - I've noted before that the advice always tends to be pretty much be the same for good reason). Sadly "Writing a Novel" lacks some of the spark of "How to Write a Blockbuster". Indeed at times it's very dry and hard going. And the section on Agents and Publishing is much shorter. It's much less interesting in general.

I can see no reason for owning both books - unless like me you happened the buy "Writing a Novel" first. This is one writing book I don't recommend - not because it's bad but because it's boring.


In other news it's exactly one month since I started posting in this blog and so far I've posted every day. :-D

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