Thursday, 25 June 2009

When Inspiration Strikes

So I'm sitting at work today staring at the screen and trying to work out what to do with a particularly nasty account when I look down at my post-it notes, and find I've written something without realising it. I was thinking about meters not post-apocalyptic ideas, but there is was. I stared at it for a moment then put it away and went back to the account. Can't write in work time. It was only a handful of words and will need some serious developing and world-building, but it seems potentially interesting. It's too early to say for sure of course.

It's so sketchy at the moment that I'm not going to go into details at the moment (except that - as I said post-apocalyptic), but it fascinates me how sometimes inspiration strikes without me even realising. How did the idea bypass my conscious mind to get to the paper without me realising? It's odd.

Does inspiration ever strike you in the same way, or is it always conscious?

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